Some Ways to Make Game Night Exciting

Trying to find something fun to do this Friday night that’s cheap and easy? Why not host a family game night? Begin a family tradition that every Friday Night you stay inside and play homemade games. You can take turns with each member of your family picking their favorite game. Have a casual, inexpensive, and very fun evening by inviting friends and neighbors over.

How to Make Your Family Game Night More Fun, Here are 5 Ways.

1. Pick the Most Fun Family Games
Read my post to see how to pick the right family game based on the ages of your children. Then head over to Best Family Games to buy some of the best family games around.

2. Add Some Great Food
Keep it low maintenance by ordering in pizza, making chocolate chip cookie bars, or having an ice cream sundae bar. Indulge in your favorite munchies. If your feeling inspired, try some of the recipes you save and never try. For adults, have some of your favorite beer, make some exotic drinks, or try some new drink recipe. (See Rachel Ray’s site for some great drink recipes. ) Make non-alcoholic versions for the kids. If you are inviting friends over, have them bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

3. Make The Party Happen
Who says family game night can’t include non-family members? Invite other friends over and have them bring their fun family games to share.

4. Create A Mood
Sometimes just changing the location of game night can be exciting. Instead of playing on the kitchen table, play on the floor of the family room. Even better toss on your pajamas and play in Mom & Dad’s room. Play outside on a picnic table. Or pitch a tent to host game night. Here’s an idea that I received from another Mom – play by candlelight. She told me that her kids just love it when they have “No Electricity” night and set up their games near the fireplace or by candles to play.

5. Prizes?
Everyone loves prizes! If your playing games, you need prizes. Big chocolate bars or movie-theater size boxes of candy are great prizes to give to the game winners. If you are playing with the young ones you may need to make sure that everyone wins and receives prizes, but for older kids and adults let the competition begin.

I hope these great ideas have inspired you to shake up your family game night or start the tradition. What are you waiting for? Let the games begin! Visit me at Family Game Night

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